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D.C. Season Two: Arena, Signature, Tall Ship Providence

  • Arena Stage"Derril Lark" in the world premiere of Right to Be Forgotten at Arena Stage, The Chelsea in Las Vegas, and the World Bank. Directed by deputy artistic director Seema Sueko (Oct/Nov ).  Click bottom image for info.

  • Signature Theatre"Bobby" in the world premiere of Easy Women Smoking Loose Cigarettes at Signature Theatre. Directed by Stevie Zimmerman. Feb. 18 - Mar. 13, 2020 at Signature's ARK Theatre in VA.

  • Tall Ship Providence"Captain John Paul Jones" on the weekly web-series Tall Ship Tuesdays, hosted by Tall Ship Providence Foundation. John co-designed the programming and built the webpages. He produced 12 weeks of content too. Click the link:

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