Hey there! I’m John Austin from Austin, Texas. I'm an award-winning, classically trained actor. I'm represented by Capital Talent Agency for theatre, fIlm, and TV. I'm a writer as well. I believe in the power of stories.

Stories connect us.  Stories inspire usStories transform us. This belief is the  driving force of my life.  It drives me to act and to write. It also literally drives me throughout the United States: Boston, where I earned my BFA in Acting from Boston University’s School of Theatre; 22 states, in which I performed while on tour with National Players; even London, where I trained at LAMDA. I currently live and work in DC as an actor. I'm willing to adventure elsewhere to do this work. Want to be part of the journey? Browse the website to find out more. Then click "Contact" and send me a message—let's connect.

"Introductions," Take 1

< Silent, 30 Sec >

DP: Sean McCoy